Machine retrofit using CNC Centroid control system

Machine retrofit using CNC Centroid control system

As one of the few companies in Europe, we perform CNC machine retrofits using American CNC CENTROID control system! Owing to the preparation of preconfigured control cabinets with complete cabling and all necessary Centroid system components, we can carry out an express retrofit service for selected machine types, even in just 48 hours!

The advantages of machine retrofit using Centroid system largely include the size and type of equipment retrofitted. On average, retrofit is by 50% cheaper than procurement of a new machine with the same size and parameters. The advantage is that Centroid CNC is offered together with installation and training, as a complex solution. This allows cost reduction regarding workstation launch, and guarantees smooth operation.

Owing to our long cooperation with Centroid, and to the experience of our team, we can offer retrofit involving:

  • upgrade of the control system using the latest solutions by Centroid,
  • preparation of software tailored to specific application,
  • possibility of programming many additional functions, even if the machine originally did not feature them,
  • preparation of a complete control cabinet with technical documentation and electrical diagram,
  • complex renovation and replacement of damaged components,
  • training on control system operation.

Our flag projects include retrofit of CNC Mikron HAAS VCE 500 milling cutter

The scope of works included:

  • Replacement of the original control system with Allin1DC™ controller by Centroid while preserving the factory-installed DC engines.
  • Replacement of the control panel with a touch screen panel dedicated for control.
  • Execution of software for PLC controller to operate tool changer.
  • Replacement of sensors and limit switches with new ones.
  • Replacement of damaged cables with new ones.
  • Parameter setting and machine configuration with new control system.
  • Activation and parameter setting for the tool and material probe.
  • Adding the option of item digitalization using probes.
  • Visual adjustments – refreshing the metal plates, covers, and name plates.

The Benefits

  • Replacement of the old HAAS control system with new Centroid system has allowed for quick programming via a user-friendly interface, large touch screen, and the “Intercom” function.
  • Preservation of operational DC engines supported by the new control system has significantly reduced the cost of machine retrofit.


On Clients’ requests, we execute details with due diligence and accuracy, using high-end equipment. As one of very few suppliers, we offer milling services for single items, not only for serial production. Components are executed using HASS milling machine with our upgrades (link). Time for order completion can be as short as 48 hours!

We offer:

  • 2D milling: Milling details in one XY plane with predefined depth.
  • 3D milling: Milling of more complex details in XYZ dimensions.
  • Engraving: Engraving of inscriptions, shapes, and patterns on material surfaces.

Materials milled:

  • Aluminium
  • Steel
  • Plastics
  • Wood

The probes we use assure high accuracy of material positioning, which translates to precise processing.
The working area of the milling machines we own totals 500×300 mm, while the tool warehouse can house as many as 20 items.

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