Upgrade of machinery with DC drives

Modernization of machines with DC motors

Comprehensive overall retrofit plus control system modernisation and replacement of DC motor control with a servo

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M.Sc. Damian Gonera
Machine modernization

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In order to improve production efficiency and quality we will modernize the drive systems of your machine, replacing direct current motors (DC motors) with complete SERVO systems for full operational control of the entire system, able to dynamically adapt to changing process conditions whilst improving its safety.

Servo units operating in a closed control system deliver full monitoring and configurability of process parameters. A built-in metering system achieves positioning accuracy of up to a hundredth of a millimetre whilst maintaining constant torque and smoothly adjusting rotational speed.

Comprehensive solutions for the paper, timber, textile as well as plastics and many other industries. We retrofit DC motors by manufacturers such as: Siemens, Lenze, Mitsubishi, Baumüller, Fanuc, Indramat, Danfoss, ABB, Bosch, Franz etc.
We modernize drive systems (motor + DC controller) in injection moulding machines, guillotines, presses, winding machines, recoiling machines, reel splitters, milling machines, lathes as well as many others.

We provide:

  A selection of components for the given application

  Integration of the servo unit with the machine

  Integration of safety systems

  Programming of PLC drivers

  Process visualisation – HMI, SCADA

  Control cabinet

  Comprehensive mechanical assembly

  Technical documentation

RETROFIT of a drive system for the blade of an ANGELO CREMONA veneer cutting machine

Injection moulding machine pump replacement

Replacement of injection moulding machine pump DC motor with an AC synchronous motor featuring a metering system. Wear of motor brushes and commutator faults are the most common causes of break-downs. Replace your motor with a servo today and avoid costly production stoppages!

We supply substitutes for DC motors in injection moulding machines by manufacturers such as: Hurmak, Arburg, Dopak, Sumitomo, Yizumi, Engel, Demag, Krauss Maffei, Battenfeld etc.

Modernization of paper and textile machines

Shortage of spare parts for DC motors and no support from manufacturers increase machine operating costs. Modernizing drive systems reduces the occurrence of break-downs and improves production efficiency.

We are able to retrofit drive systems in winding machines, uncoiling machines, reel splitters, cutting machines, presses, die-cutting machines made by manufacturers such as: Metso, Voith, Perini, Wrapmatic, Omet, Heildelberg, Ryobi, Adastn Nilpeter, Jurmet, Roter, Lesko, Monza, Xeikon etc.

In terms of modernizing machines we cooperate closely with the German Baumüller – manufacturer of motors and control systems, who have been at the forefront of the industrial automation systems market for years. Motors and drive systems by that manufacturer enjoy unwavering popularity amongst maintenance staff and machine manufacturers. These deliver high quality, reflecting the wide range of applications at a reasonable price.

Benefits of modernizing DC motors’ control systems with servo systems:

  • significant electricity consumption reductions,
  • dynamic response to changing process conditions,
  • significant machine capacity improvements (even up to 300%),
  • improved production process quality and precision,
  • machine operating cost reduction, no brushes or commutators,
  • significant noise emission reduction, up to 20dB(A)

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      FAQ – frequently asked questions

    What type of machines do we modernize?
    We primarily modernize machines used in the paper, textile, furniture, plastics as well as other industries. We retrofit motors and direct current controllers with servo systems in CNC milling machines, CNC lathes, injection moulding machines, presses, winding machines, recoiling machines, reel splitters, etc. Are you wondering whether we are able to modernize your machine? Write to us!
    Which motors are we able to replace?
    We carry out comprehensive retrofits of DC motors by manufacturers such as: Siemens, Lenze, Baumüller, Fanuc, Mitsubishi, Indramat, Danfoss, ABB, Franz, Bosch, Magnetic as well as many others.
    Which DC drives are we able to replace?
    As part of the modernization of machines, we replace controllers (DC drives) of such manufacturers as: Siemens Simoreg DC, Baumüller BKF, BKD, ABB, Parker 590, SSD Drives, Lenze 4900, 4800, Eurotherm, AEG and many others.
    How much does a drive system retrofit cost?
    The price of a machine modernization depends on many factors. The cost of replacing the drive system is mainly influenced by the motor power and the complexity of the machine. Every quote is drawn up individually, taking into account the machine type and customer requirements.
    Do we assist with machine start-up?
    Certainly. As part of DC motor electric drive and controller replacement we offer a comprehensive selection of components, electrical and mechanical design, possible extension of the machine, installation of a servo system and support at start-up.
    Do we ensure integration with the other machine or production line parts?
    Yes. By modernizing the drive system, we ensure integration with the machine’s control and safety systems. Cooperation with other production line sections is also possible.
    Is it possible to add new functions to the machine as part of the modernization?
    Yes. In addition to the DC drive replacement, we also offer the possibility to add additional functions to the machine or replace obsolete control systems. We program PLC drivers, design HMI operator panels and SCADA systems. Furthermore, we implement the latest industry safety standards.